Munich Germany Tourist Information

Munich Germany

Munich Germany Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

The city of Munich Germany (München) is located in the German state of Bavaria.  It is a popular tourist destination featuring many interesting museums, art galleries and other tourist attractions.

Famous city landmarks include the old Gothic cathedral, two castles and the Bavarian parliament.
Munich Germany 
Munich Germany  Conveniently located near the Alps, Munich Germany is the gateway city to some wonderful parks, gardens and alpine resorts.  Direct flights to the Munich Airport operate from all major European cities.

Munich is one of the world's most liveable large cities.  It is safe, clean and has excellent public transit.
Visitors can enjoy the excitement of Oktoberfest or enjoy one of the city's fine public parks.

Many excellent hotels and lodgings for tourists are available in downtown Munich and around the city.  Hotel accommodation is also available near the Munich International Airport.
Munich Germany (Munchen)