Public Transit in Munich

Munich Germany Tourist Information and Travel Guide

The public transit system in Munich Germany is comprised of a comprehensive network of commuter rail lines, subway lines, tram lines and buses.  It is operated by the Munich Transportation Corporation (MVG).

The commuter trains are called S-Bahns (i.e. fast trains) and the subways (metros) are called U-Bahns (i.e. underground trains).

Munich's central train station is a major transit hub as is Marienplatz, the city's main square.

Munich Public Transit - Marienplatz
Transit Station in Marienplatz, Munich

In addition to single journey tickets (called "Einzelfahrkarte"), day passes (called "Tageskarte") can be purchased for one or more days.

Group discount passes are also available if two or more people are travelling together.  They are called "Gruppen" passes in German.

Make sure to validate your tickets before boarding public transit. You'll be charged 60 euro if you are caught riding without a valid ticket.

The cost of travel depends on the distance you travel.  In general, however, it is normally best for visitors to purchase a 3-day unlimited pass.

For current information regarding routes, schedules, and fares, please visit the MVG Transit website.

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