Nymphenburg Palace

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Nymphenburg Palace is a massive Baroque palace located on the western outskirts of Munich Germany. It is approximately 700 meters wide.

The attractive palace was once the summer residence of Bavarian royalty from the House of Wittelsbach.

Construction of Nymphenburg Palace began in 1664 and was completed 11 years later. 

Nymphenburg Palace in Munich Germany
Nymphenburg Palace, Munich Germany

The 200-hectare park that surrounds the palace is called the Nymphenburg Palace Park.  Its gardens are set out in an English style.

There are five museums located at the palace.  They are:

  1. Schlossmuseum (Royal apartments)
  2. Marstallmuseum (Carriage Museum)
  3. Porzellanmuseum (Porcelain Museum)
  4. Man and Nature Museum
  5. Erwin von Kreibig Museum

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